Project Description

Type of Project:   Whole House Interior Remodel
Architect:  Wagstaff Rogers Architects [website]
Designer:   Jen Tippett
Location:   Larkspur, CA

This project was a full interior remodel of a vintage 90’s single level ranch style home.  The owner acted as the interior designer making the whole project a lot of fun.  Although the entire house was remodeled in every room, this family was able to live in the home through the entire process.

The Challenges

Our biggest challenge was sectioning off and protecting the house while keeping areas livable during construction.  We also had to vault the interior ceilings within the existing roof structure to create room volume.  Decorative reclaimed beams from Restoration Timber line the ceiling spaces with paneling set in between.  We were able to mainain the eixsting wood burning fireplace and give it a modern facelift with stone.  The master suite was enlarged with a gable end retrofitted with a steel beam to protect that end of the house from the massive trees that surround the grounds.